Race start is in heats: 

(7:30am, 7:45am and 8:00am) 

The start and finish line is beside the Shouldice Aquatic Centre. 

(5303 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary)

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There will not be any aid stations. 

Smash the Hill

presented by Smashfest Queen

Be the fastest to run the marked hill on the half marathon course for a special prize from Smashfest Queen. The Hill is 1km long and starts at 13km into the race. 


*The winner of Smash the Hill does not have to be the winner of the entire race!

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Brenda's Story of

Getting Shit Done


This was my first half marathon. It was a great success and I am ready to sign up for next year’s Get Shit Done. Thank you for a positive all round experience.


In January my girlfriend set a goal to run your ½ marathon for her 60th year. I decided to support her along with 2 of her daughters. My firm commitment and goal was to join the race. I signed up waiving the withdrawal option. My only stipulation was that I would walk. I was very concerned that my walking would be a negative and worried that there would be no cookies left upon my completion! Along with cookies I was greeted with joyful, loud, cheering organizers and some kooky mascots and friends! Made me smile. In addition, there is even a picture to record the achievements of everyone that participated. Incredibly thoughtful. How cool!


I am genuinely grateful to you for having kept the finish line open until all made their way over the threshold. All kudos go to the organizers and the volunteers. You provided a meaningful, friendly experience anticipating the many different levels of ability. For much of the second half of the race, I held the final position (aka “last”). This is where I was fortunate to meet your volunteer Max, who on his bike, held my pace. We would chat for a while, before he rode ahead to check in on other racers. In not too long, he would be back with me and we would continue with our conversations. We talked about books, movies, values, racing, walking. The time went by as if with a good friend. With about 1 or 2 km to the finish line we came across a racer who was in obvious discomfort with a leg cramp. As I walked on, it filled me with joy to hear Max chatting happily with this gentleman and I knew Max would pace him the remainder of the race. I hope that you will say thank you to Max on my behalf.


Thank you all for a great Sunday morning and my very first medal. See you next year; I am happy to walk.

-Brenda Martin