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Virtual Event Information

Get Sh*t Done 5km     February 1st - 28th

Get Sh*t Done 10km    April 1st - 30th

Get Sh*t Done 21km    June 1st - 30th

Prior To Your Race:

Register: Ensure you register for each event with plenty of tine to receive your package. If you register for all 3 events you will be given a $10 gift card to Tri It Multisport.

Package: It will take 7 - 10 business days to get your medal and bib.

Active Experience App: Download the Active Experience App and log in using your username and password. Next, find your event so it is ready to go on race day. 

Race Day: 

Bibs: Your bib! You will be surprised how many cheers you get out on your run!

Social Media: Document your race and tag us so we can share your experience with all our racers. 



Timing: Ensure you track your results properly. Go to RESULTS for detailed instructions.

Safety: Please ​ensure you follow all social distancing measures in your area, along with appropriate road and path safety. 

Post Race:

Results: YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS ONLINE in one of the ways below. 

Option 1
Step 1: Download the Active Experience App onto your phone.
Step 2: Search for the Get Shit Done race you signed up for:

  • Get Shit Done 5km

  • Get Shit Done 10km

  • Get Shit Done 21km

Step 3: Click on the race countdown timer and the sign in page will appear,
Step 4: Sign into the app using your Active Account username and password.
Step 5: On race day go to the app and once again click on the race countdown and START on your event (the app knows what event you signed up for). 
DO NOT press start until you are starting your virtual race. It will end recording when you have completed the specified distance and you simply just need to click SUBMIT.


Option 2
Step 1: Record your event using your Garmin, Polar, Strava, etc. 
Step 2: Go to your results link:

Step 3: Submit your results by entering your registration number (this can be found in an email titled "Registration confirmation for Get Shit Done Run" and underneath the QR Code you will see your registration ID started with "R-". Enter your registration code 
Step 4: Click "GO"
Step 5: Enter your finish time, and upload proof of completion (eg. a screenshot of your tracking app or a photo of your GPS watch that shows the time and distance completed).

Note: The result can be uploaded at any time between the start and end of the event (a countdown to the deadline is displayed).


PLEASE NOTE: results CANNOT be entered manually by the race director. Emailing or messaging the race director your results in any capacity with your results will result in you missing the opportunity to be a part of the official results.  We would all be sad.... so please use the methods above. Any issues, you may email for assistance in the above methods. 


Awards: Due to the fact it is a virtual race, there will not be any overall or age-group awards.

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